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In business for over 41 years, E-Z Hinge has become a common word in the shutter hardware world.

With a very modest beginning in March of 1968, the owner received his first order from Dan-Dee Shutter in St. Louis, MO. Today, the owner, Jay Mathis, still runs E-Z Hinge and also still counts Dan-Dee Shutter as a wonderful customer.

While the years have changed the color of Jay's hair, you can always rest assured that you can get Jay on the phone. That has not changed.

E-Z Hinge maintains a very large inventory, and most hinges and screws are available in several different finishes. Service is excellent and the quality is as good as we can possibly get.

A call from you would be received with much gratitude.

You'll find an old fashioned company that has never lost sight of who made E-Z Hinge, "The many wonderful customers that have remained customers for so many years."

Give us a call; a few minutes talking to the "old man" of the industry will not be a waste of your time.